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Jeremy brz.

Jeremy Brz. has practiced and instructed Martial Arts and Self-Defense as a significant part of his life. Due to his love of teaching others how to protect themselves, he found a natural niche with firearms.  He is currently a competitive shooter in Pistol, Combat 2-Gun, 3-Gun, and Long-Range shooting.  

Certifications Include:

  • USCCA Certified Instructor: Concealed Carry, Defensive Shooting Fundamentals, Home Defense Fundamentals, Countering Mass Shooter Threat, Women’s Defensive Pistol, Childrens Firearms & Safety Fundamentals,  Ar-15 Fundamentals & Emergency First Aid Fundamentals. 
  • USCCA Certified Concealed Carry Training Counselor.
  • USCCA Certified Range Safety Officer (RSO)
  • NRA Range Development & Operations Certified, Certified Range Safety Officer (RSO), Certified Glock Armorer. 
  • Illinois Tactical Officer Association –                           Combat Shooting & Tactics, Shoot house Instructor.

He has continued his education to also become certified in..

  • U.S. Department of Justice Firearms Forensics Examiner.
  • Department of Homeland Security & Counterterrorism Operations – Radiological and Nuclear Awareness and Response.
  • Department of Homeland Security & Counterterrorism Operations – Nuclear Detonation Effects and Response Strategies, and Radiological.
  • Department of Homeland Security & Counterterrorism Operations – Nuclear WMD Operations. 


Jeremy Brz continues to be a valuable team member here at D5 Ranges Marengo. He Spearheads the Firearms Education & Range Operations  Department. He is also a irreplaceable member of our instructor’s team for the Concealed Carry Courses, Private Lessons & much more. 


Eric is a 21-year Veteran Police Officer and has served on his departments SWAT team for over 19 years.  He is currently assigned as the Team Commander for the Multi-Jurisdictional Team and is assigned to his departments Sniper Unit and Entry Team. 

He has served as a Firearms, Close Quarter Battle (CQB), and Tactics Instructor for North East Multi-Regional Training.  He is certified as a Shoot House Instructor, along with holding Active Shooter Training, MACTAC, and Rescue Task Force Certifications.  Eric brings great knowledge and skills to the courses he instructs here at D5 Ranges Marengo.


Alex has served as a Police Officer in Northern Illinois for 15 years.  He has been a member of his departments Multi-Jurisdictional SWAT team since 2007, during which time he also worked on the Entry Team as a Sniper/Observer, Assistant Team Leader and Team Leader, before being assigned as the Team’s Commander.  He has also worked as Deputy and Sergeant in the Patrol Department.  

During his career, he provided supervision of the Training Division where he was Lead Instructor for the range program and managed the Control Tactics Program.  Along with being an avid Martial Artist, he has also written for several publications, including the Illinois Tactical Officers Associations News and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association Digest.  Alex is a great asset to D5 Ranges Marengo as an instructor.

Jeremy B.

Jeremy B. served in the United States Marine Corps from 1999 to 2003, where he attended Basic Infantry and Marine Security Forces School.  He spent his first couple of years serving in London, England guarding the Navel Atlantic Fleet Building and continually training with an emphasis on Close Quarters Battle (CQB).  He was then selected to attend Advanced CQB Courses where he became responsible for training his fellow Marines.

 Jeremy went on to serve with 2/7 Gulf Company in Twenty-nine Palms, California where he was Team Leader for his Machine Gun Squad, training fellow Marines who utilized machine guns as a secondary weapon system.  After being selected as Section Leader of his weapons platoon, he spent the remainder of his service training for his section before being Honorably Discharged.  In 2009, Jeremy joined a Northern Illinois Police Department, where he was selected for a Northern Illinois Emergency Services Team (EST) within only two years of being a Patrol Officer.

He attended FBI Swat School, Midwest Counterdrug Training and multiple combat pistol and rifle courses.  He was then chosen as a Range Instructor, attending the Firearms Instructor Course and additional courses in all firearms calibers.  Jeremy was selected to join the D.E.A. Task Force and is currently the Lead Range Instructor, training new officers for patrol and assisting with defensive tactics training.  Jeremy brings a great amount of knowledge and experience to D5 Ranges Marengo as an instructor.