D5 Build-out 3D Render
A 14,000 Sq Foot of Retail Space and VIP Area
B 18,000 Sq Foot 2 Level Range with 30 Twenty Five Yard Shooting Lanes
  • Each range level is 9,000 sq ft and includes (15) 25-yard shooting lanes
  • State of the art target retrievers capable of running friend and foe scenarios
  • Running man retrievers which run perpendicular to the shooter
  • Highest level acoustics
C 2-Level 360° Shoot House (for swat and tactical teams only)
D 1,200 Sq Foot of Training Classrooms
Build Out

Level 1 Range Features
(Labeled B on Diagrams)

Fully protected with our combat wall and ceiling enables 180° shooting.

Allows customers that enroll in specific training classes to practice real life scenarios which includes forward advancing with mock scenarios.

Will cater to police and swat teams; there will be a large access door on the east side of the building that will allow for squad car access. This will allow our beloved police officers to get some much needed real-life scenario training.

2-Story 360° Shoot House

This is a 2-story, 360° shooting facility. This facility is for tactical team training. The shoot house will allow teams to clear stair wells, breach doors, clear mock apartments, and so much more.

Level 1 & 2 Range Features (Labeled B on Diagrams)

Equipped with the state-of-the-art target carriers that we manufacture. Our retriever is the most versatile and robust in the industry hence the product name (Big Beefy!). Big Beefy is constructed to be fully wireless retriever, capable of running scenarios with 360° friend and foe target turning abilities. It is equipped with on board lighting so your target is always fully lit. It has red and blue strobe lighting that adds a bit of confusion to help sharpen your split-second decision making. In addition, Big Beefy has an on-board camera that streams video back to your shooting stall so you can see where you hit the target (no more waiting to bring the target back to see where your last shot hit).

Equipped with running man target carriers which run perpendicular to the shooting lanes.

Equipped with our superior shooting stalls which have high level acoustics, making your range time more enjoyable. (no more anticipating your neighbors shot or flinching when the neighboring stall is shooting a large caliber handgun or rifle).

Both shooting ranges have bullet traps and ventilation that exceed the latest military specifications.

Pre-Build Retail Space